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Goose Creek 2.1oz 59g Scented Wax Melt 20 SCENTS 80 Min Burn Time
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Goose Creek 2.1oz 59g Scented Wax Melt 20 SCENTS 80 Min Burn Time

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  • 50-80 Min Burn Time
  • 2.1oz (59g)
  • Made From Premium Paraffin Blend
  • Long lasting 3 Level Scents
  • 6 Segment Wax Melt

Patchouli:  The exotic earthy allure of jungle wild patchouli. It's a truly spirited blend from nature.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Woody Patchouli
Mid: Wild Green Leaves
Base: Sandalwood, White Cashmere

Peanut Butter Sugar: Creamy peanut butter ice cream is tucked into a sugary vanilla waffle cone to create this rich, delectable treat.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Fluffy Marshmallow, Peanut Butter Blend
Mid: Vanilla Bean, Warm Butter
Base: Vanilla Dipped Waffle Cone:


Soothing Coconut: The milky sweet aroma of an island true coconut. Burst it open and have a soothing sip.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Sweet Milky Coconut
Mid: Island Rain
Base: Soft Vanilla, Light Citrus


Minted Eucalyptus: A delightfully cleansing blend of wild mint and fresh eucalyptus.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Fresh Eucalyptus, Mint Leaves
Mid: Bright Bergamot, Sheer Freesia
Base: Light Woods


Clean Linen: The fresh aroma of clean linens flowing in a warm summer breeze.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Light Summer Breeze
Mid: Lavender
Base: Lily of the Valley


Sweet Honeysuckle: Take a walk down the country path just to pick some honeysuckle. The sweet aroma blows in the wind.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Honeysuckle Flower
Mid: Dewy Green Leaves
Base: Soft Magnolia, Lilac

Old Time Lemonade: The thirst quenching, bitter sweet aroma of a freshly squeezed glass of lemonade.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Sugary Lemon Juice
Mid: Light Pineapple
Base: Vanilla Sugar


Exhilarating Pineapple: The exhilarating aroma of a peaceful paradise. This freshly cut pineapple smells cool, sweet and sugary.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Juicy Sliced Pineapple
Mid: Sugar Water, Seaside Rain
Base: Soft Lemon, Light Vanilla


Sweet Petals: Spring is in full bloom. Windows are raised and a kitchen vase filled with sweet petals fills the room with the scent of spring.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Black Currant, Nectarine, Bergamot
Mid: Gardenia, Freesia, Lily, Orange Blooms
Base: Sandalwood, Light Moss


Strawberry Jam: Hand-picked juicy strawberries are rinsed, sliced and ready for a homemade, super flavorful strawberry Jam.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Juicy Strawberries
Mid: Fruity Blend, Sugary Jam
Base: Light Green Leaves


Summer Slices: The scent of summer comes alive in this delicious, fruit citrus medley...just in time for the first summer pool party.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Bright Juicy Strawberry, Blueberries
Mid: Grapefruit, Lemon, Lime
Base: Sugary Lemonade

Georgia Peach: 
The golden sun warms your skin as you journey through the orchard. A light summer rain rinses the lush summer peaches.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Freshly Sliced Peach
Mid: Orange, Mango, Grapefruit
Base: Sweet Spun Sugar


Macintosh Apple: The mouthwatering aroma of a crisp Macintosh Apple fresh from the orchard.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Juicy Macintosh Apple
Mid: Green Leaves, Apple Peels
Base: Soft Woods


Cherry Cobbler: So rich, so sweet...the perfect cherry cobbler. So authentic you can smell each individual layer...even the buttery flakey crust.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Juicy Cherries
Mid: Cherry Filling, Buttery Cake Crumbs
Base: Light Cinnamon Sugar, Brown Sugar, Vanilla

Caramel Applewood: Cooler weather is on the horizon and a caramel drenched apple is all you will need.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: Green Apple, Whipped Butter, Warm Caramel
Mid: Warm Cinnamon, Maple Sugar
Base: Cedar Wood, Vanilla

Cinnamon Spice: 
The heartwarming and nostalgic aroma of rich, spicy, stone ground cinnamon.

Prominent scent notes:
Top: True Cinnamon Spice
Mid: Rich Cinnamon Sticks
Base: Light Clove

Watermelon Patch: 
Take a walk through the watermelon patch. The aroma of sweet melon and green grass surrounds you.

Prominent scent notes:
Top : Sliced Watermelon, Rain Drops
Mid : Light Strawberry, Fresh Kiwi
Base : Soft Green Grass, Dewy Leaves

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